Older but not necessarily wiser… (Mattias)

Friends, come closer, let me tell you ’bout getting older
You grow up, with music, get an instrument and start to abuse it
You find some friends and you share a vision
You and your friend set off on a mission…
(To find out who you are)

Older and none the wiser, but we are still united!

We stand as we started and are together where we parted
We’ve lived, with music, own an instrument and know how to use it.
Well in the end, things get rearranged
But we’re still  friends, none of that has changed…
(We are who we are)

Recorded/mixed/mastered in Uppsala in 2009 by Carl Vikman


About a guy who I met once and started communication with and when he moved to Umeå was introduced to all our friends (I was the only one he knew at the time) in the scene but after a while started talking shit about us in the band, he also ripped off Desperate Fight records, hence “Backstabbin, moneygrabbin…” His initials are JR = Junior. (Mattias)

Backstabbin’, moneygrabbin’, son of a bitch, you’re going down
You’ve been up in the clouds but now you’re hitting the ground
Asskissin’, sensemissin’, you talk a lot of shit
We are playing for you so now you face the music
Misplaced, twofaced kid who got too much attention
How can one fucked up kid cause this much tension
Double-talker, crap-stalker I’ve had enough

We took you in and believed you were a friend and then you took a crap on us
Now I ask, who can you trust?
We gave you respect, now see what we get, in return you took a crap on us
Now I know, Your no one to trust…

Destroy the scene within and you’re hitting the ground
- You’re going down

Now sail on through, the wind don’t change for you, but you change just like the wind
Blow away and we’ll accept your sin
You came from the west, with what we detest, now the direction of the wind,
Has turned, so let us begin… by saying…

You paint a false picture and stick on the wall
How dare you hang around and mock the shit out of us all
Every true artist says: “We’re not gonna take it!”
Show your face here again and we are gonna break it
You’re gonna pay…


Tonight there’s magic on the air, we enlighten the whole stratosphere
Forget the words of the prophets and burn every ghost in your closet
Another band with another song about hope, yeah right?
Time flies by, but I can’t let go – of hope!
Tonight we ignite the spark of our own will and we will reign on every hill
Tonight will be our night


We’ll set light to the darkness of ignorance
We’ll revive all the Senseless times
We’ll bathe in the Never ending well of bliss
We’re Abhinanda and we can’t let go of…


A party song, the sampled lines are from a fantastic movie Rumble Fish. (Mattias)

Now we gotta get up and dance all night
Then we wanna set off the dance hall fight
The rumble starts here and then it’s moved into the streets
So now you gotta get up and move your feet

There’s no quieting the rumble

Every style, every dance, we are the movement
C’mon take chance cause this is the moment
Pick up the beat in the Devils Inn
Our time in time, because the rumble is here to stay…


At the time when this was written I was so tired of the political correctness of the HC scene in Umeå, I was much more interested in debauchery and being free. “Och en ensam ung man säger… ha! = And a lonely you man says… ha!” (Mattias)

This morning, there’s no mourning it’s been left behind
On the concurred mean streets where we captured the girth of the moments we find
Lying naked in the gutter, grasping at stars and fearing no evil
We fear nothing but ourselves and the consequence of always saying “We will”:

Live it all by passing time
It’s the capital crime
Cause we’re gonna cross the line…
Let’s cease to play and seize the day !

The pleasing feeling of indecency is coming ‘round
The end is also soon here so we ain’t holding on to no dollar or pound
The wolf is dressed in sheep clothes and has arrived to set us free
Feed us all the bullshit you want but we ain’t gonna swallow cause we:


Muskelspännarlåten we called this one which means Flex your muscles song. Not the usual Abhinanda theme but kind of liberating in that way… We were a bit pissed off at the time with people talking trash… (Mattias)

So may punches, sucker punches, but I ain’t gonna fall for ‘em this time
Place a call to Atlantic city and set it all up because wrath has it’s privilege
Count to ten and I’m up again. If you wanna see me down make sure I’m dead
I’ll be there even if I can not win, the showdown in an empty street
You think I’m gonna quit?
Let’s see who lies down next time…

Make a bet and see what you get, gamble all you want but the stakes are high.
Living ain’t easy and it never was for anyone taking it seriously
Got a vice, have to roll the dice. The chips are on the table so let us play
If this is really what you want I’m not gonna stop you, cause I ain’t gonna fall…

Showdown in an empty street, that’s what it is………


Set free your restrained passion, join us to shout out loud
Emotions set in motion in a unison vital scream
Strike another chord for me, spoil me with a rhyme
Please inspire me with your songs and I will try with mine…

We will laugh, we will scream, we will live today…
We will prove that the youth hasn’t gone astray!
We will sing, we will jump, we will dance tonight…
We will show you all!

Set free your restrained feelings, join us to sing this (a) song
Let your climactic verse explode in an unforgettable hook
A reverberating chorus that will (forever) echo in our heads!
A reverberating refrain, the world’s greatest sing along!

But when the music lost expression
But when the lyrics lost their feeling
But when a song just lost its power
But when the words are uninspired – Our lives lack of emotion!


Theme of the whole record basically (Mattias)

The temptation is strong, but I won`t cast the first stone…
I will not, cast the first stone.

So many songs just sing about the problems, we we’re tired of that and tried to do something different, not sure we succeeded (Mattias)

Alright, you´ve illustrated it. Ok, I agree it´s a big one. Yes, I too complain, I´ve done a great deal of: Singing those songs!
But now, it´s not that time. My focus is not on finding faults. Since it´s you and me against the world, let’s do a great deal of: Singing this song!
This is not a problem song. This is not to prove you´re wrong.
Maybe, judgment’s tomorrow. So c´mon, and do what you can. Don´t just, fight against something. Fight for something by: Singing your songs!
So please, lets no go spending time on, telling one another “You´re wrong”.
Since it´s you and me against the world. Lets do a great deal of: Singing oursong!
Sweden had a lot of trouble (or at least talk of) with racist skinheads around 1997, now it’s even more subtle… (Mattias)

Here is a little star, put it on, so we see who you are.
Here is the secret police, they brought their cameras, smile and say “cheese”.
Don´t think for a moment it can´t happen again. It´s not a question of “if”, it´s a question of “when”. Get ready for the army whit the armlets  (They´re starting to get strong again).
We´ll grind you to soap, or fill you with it and kill your hope. The method takes a more subtle form, with media lynch mob we´ll set your norms.
Next time we´ll take your family. Next time we´ll take your mind.

Song about hope, pure and simple… (Mattias)

I know, you know, we´re not free around here. City of hope – City of hopelessness.
I try, you try, with schemes. Freedom, freedom, is lost.
I seek, you seek, to be free around here. Build up wallets – Build up walls.
I try, you try, but it seems. Freedom, freedom is lost.
Decentralize and build a village of hope. Tear down that hopelessness.
Can I, you can, get free around here, yes we will – Build our village.
We try, we try no more, we do. Freedom, Freedom, Freedom,
Simplicity, is the city, the city of hope.
Unity, pointing fingers… wooohhhh, yeaaah! (Jose)
I´ve seen so many come. I´ve seen so many go …But I never felt that I´d be one to be drenched down by the flow…
Most times… I trust my self. Now I know… That I can trust … All of us!
The bonds of togetherness we´ve built all over the years are etched deep down in our hearts now nothing can tear us apart.
Now we´re all here – All of us – This song goes out to – All of us – Who stands beside you? All of us stand beside you!


(They´re) lined up for the executioner. (They´re) shot down, by their own hands.
(They´re) Tied down, by the ropes of fascism. (They´re) Caught up, in illusions of power.
(They´re) Locked in, the cells of ignorance. (They´re) played out, on a gameboard of greed.
(They´ll) Turn in, and hide away if… (They´re) Cast our, from their lines of…
This time – We´ll find, the strength to break their lines.
(They´ll) line up, for execution. (We´ll) Blow out, their nonexisting brains.
(They´ll) Turn in, and hide away when… (They´re) Cast our, from their lines of…
Dance to this. Dance to this. Dance to this. March time.


We fill ourselves with so much shit, still do… (Mattias)

You try to revenge my refusal by pouring poison along my path.
I know you know I know, so say no, no!
You try to forget what you regret when you pull your blanket over your head
But most times it´s a waste of time, cause today the sun shines!

Don´t fill yourself with emptiness.

You´ve (I´ve) filled me full of filth, but I could (could I) cleanse it clean(?).
I´ve refilled my resource and I say purity is the force!
I want to drink the water from the never ending well of bliss.
I offer you my cup, and I say drink up!


Back then we we’re pretty into the whole self control thing, though we very well knew that it was impossible. Now not so much… (Mattias)

This is my body but I got no control, cuz they keep pulling my strings
I am their puppet and I don’t care to say no, they’re pulling me into the dark

Drag me around – drag me down

So senseless, to follow your senses,  they keep driving me around
They whip me back and keep the carrot before my eyes
They’re driving me insane…
Senseless, insensible, no sense at all…


needle- i got the needle
needle- i need the needle
needle- i broke the needle
just one more…no more!
I’m the most fallen of the fallen, the disease has me trapped
I’m empty to empty, will you please fill me up
I’m the lowest of the low, I can’t seem to get up
I’m blinded, so blind, I just can’t seem to see
I’m the most fallen of the fallen, will you please pick me up
I’m empty to empty, will you please fill me up
I’m the lowest of the low, will you please be my ladder
I’m blinded, so blind, will you please make me see
I’m the most fallen of the fallen, will you please pick me up
I’m afraid so afraid, will you comfort me
I’m the weakest of the weak, will you please make me strong
I’m nothing, I am no one in your eyes
Fallen… still falling…
Hardline never interested us and we wanted to give an opposing view on the thing the kids thought was the coolest thing at the time. (Mattias)
Fight fire with fire and everything will burn
An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind
I won’t go out to find wars, I’m going inside to find peace
I’d rather die for something, than live for nothing.
Not he- who controls others.
But he- who controls himself.
it takes more strength, to put down the guard
than it takes to hate and try looking hard


The light of compassion is now a part of me
I left everything of this loneliness
Set adrift from this senseless age
In the dark of the night
I embraced the pain
I left everything for this loneliness
I’ve healed my wounds
Now I’m fused with love
Sacrifice- in the name of equality
Sacrifice- in the name of compassion
The flower of equality has bloomed again

Purification is at hand
It’s time for a higher level
Your crime will be forgiven
If you surrender to my prey
Your destiny is hell
And your morals will burn with you
If you refuse salvation
Respect salvation
The dragon of knowledge descended from heaven to prove that respect is more than the answer
To the eternal quest of disharmony to prove that the time has come to show respect
The time has come

It’s so hard to tell the ones you love that you do, still is… (Mattias)
This is my serenade to the ones I love
My mouth can’t say the words I hope you know who you are
So hard to express my emotions to you
I’ve known you for so long, still I can’t say…
I need you – I love you
I’m thankful – thank you!
This is the serenade, I cannot sing
My pride is my cage, I’m all locked up
The words that come out are not what I mean
All I can say… This serenade is to you!

You might say what’s on your mind
But i listen only to my heart

confront yourself confront your real identity
confront yourself confront your true personality

i put down my guard that way i will not fight
but the fight was just begun this is my fight for the spiritual X (edge).